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About the project

‘Wythenshawe, Manchester’s Garden City- Bringing our Heritage to Life’ 

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Managed through Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

Supported by Wythenshawe Forum Trust

As well as being home to over 70,000 people, Wythenshawe has some of Manchester’s most remarkable architecture, culture and social history… And yet Young People in Wythenshawe today have little or no idea of their local heritage. The aim of this project was to enable them – and now YOU – to discover their story – OUR story!

The W0W Project

The idea for a project which would engage Young People from Wythenshawe in exploring, expressing and celebrating their heritage was originally prompted by a conversation I had back in 2013 with our local MP, Paul Goggins, who sadly is no longer with us. He was passionate about Wythenshawe and its rich heritage and he believed that local Young People should be given the opportunity to learn about it in meaningful ways. Once they had realised that there was indeed a great story to tell, they should be able to share it with the wider community so that, together, the people of Wythenshawe could take great pride in their heritage!

In January 2014 I received the great news from the Heritage Lottery Fund that they would fund this project, so my thanks go to them for making it possible for Paul’s vision to become a reality!

Not being from Wythenshawe myself meant that not only did I come to realise that most Wythenshawe Young People knew very little about their heritage, but I was aware that I knew even less! So we would be embarking on a journey of discovery together, and that is what has made this project especially satisfying for me.

The “Wonders of Wythenshawe” project then, is the culmination of that shared learning experience. It tells our story of Wythenshawe and its heritage, as expressed by the Young People who live there.

  • Approved Purposes:
    1. To recruit young people to a Project Team that will focus on researching the history of Wythenshawe and managing the projectTo put on workshops to allow young participants to express the heritage in creative ways- Dance, Music, Street Art, Animation, Film
    2. To put on workshops to allow young participants to express the heritage in creative ways- Dance, Music, Street Art, Animation, Film
    3. For Young People gain new skills in website, app design, video production and in using Augmented Reality technology
    4. To produce an interactive mural that expresses our heritage for display at the Wythenshawe Forum Library
    5. To produce an education resource pack
  • Research

The Project Team met with local historians and asked lots of questions!  We went to the heritage sites such as Wythenshawe Hall and Baguley Hall and took lots of photos and lots of footage. We interviewed the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall and the Friends of Rose Hill. We spoke to people like  Dave Dale, Eddie Flanagan, Geoff Scargill and Brenda Grixti. The information we gleaned was key to the success of the rest of the project! We picked out the people and places which we thought were the most important and the most interesting in telling the story of our heritage and history!

Project Team:

Augmented Reality technology


Download the App. for your device either point your device at the library wall or use the Trigger Images on the Augmented Reality page.     PDF (12MB)

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