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The story so far…

Wonders of Wythenshawe
why Wythenshawe is Wonderful!
Express… your heritage, your way!
Create… something to be proud of!

WCHG’s Wow Zone, based in Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, has applied for funding from the Heritage Lottery to develop a project that enables young people from the local community to discover their heritage, finding information from members of the local community of all ages.

Forum Library – Friends Of Wythenshawe

2015-02-12 21.35.04

Recently the young people have invited Friends of Wythenshawe to discuss and tell their story of living in Wythenshawe. A wealth of information has been gathered about the area from as far back as 1085 when the first records of the area were published, including how the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell all the way up to Uri Gagarins Visit and the future Airport City.


Wythenshawe Hall – Friends Of Wythenshawe Hall

Photo 19-03-2015 4 34 57 pm Friends of Wythenshawe Wythenshawe_Hall

The team were invited to an evening with the friends of Wythenshawe Hall who gave a detailed tour of the house and its history, dressed in their period costumes. A descendant of the Tatton family explained how the house was acquired, by who and how the house and its land was given over to the City Council to become the Garden City we now know as Wythenshawe.


Logo Design

After the team researched the heritage of Wythenshawe and developed ideas for the project, they were able to decide how the logo should look. The logo being a key part of recognising the project is to be displayed on all communication details including: Flyers, social media, letter heads, apps and name badges.

Using a mix of freehand and digital media, the team produced a few designs that could be used to appeal to younger and older residents of Wythenshawe.

HLF Logo blockSqu HLFWOWLogo72

Social Media Development

All of the popular social media sites now have the Wonders of Wythenshawe pages proudly promoting the project to all.
Check out the links below and remember to like, follow or just check in every so often.


Organising the Easter Event, “getting the community involved”
…download the Events Leaflet

With the use of social media and the good ol’ fashion flyer promotions, the team have mustered together a group of keen individuals of talented young people to help compile the content for the Wonders of Wythenshawe app.

There are still places available for street artists, dancers and poets, so if your interested, click the link below and grab a ticket.

Eventbright – Wonders of Wythenshawe – Easter Events – Tickets


Lewis animated this way through the history of Wythenshawe, which took him hours, but and we’ve create this short (sneak preview) film for you to watch.


Holly and the Street Dancers, showed us their moves and together created a short performance before choosing their costumes, Crew name and street name!

IMG_0087 IMG_0100 (1) IMG_0101


A group of eager young people from schools around Wythenshawe gave up their Easter break to work on poems that will be used with our App and the forum launch. Ben explained how to approach poems in different ways to enhance the words and bring the project alive.

IMG_0017 IMG_0021 IMG_0009

Some poems can be found at this link…

Street Art

Jamie of JMZ-DZYNZ introduced us to Street Art and how to create large pieces of art in a short space of time.

IMG_0137 IMG_0212 IMG_0204

Whit Events
Half term has come around again and the Events are back up and running to get the details of Wythenshawe’s Heritage onto canvas. Today’s fully book Street Art Work shop turned out some great work.

Tomorrow (27th May) we’ll be holding the Whit Street Dance Event, putting the routine into shape between 10am and 3.30pm

Thursday, depending on the weather, we’ll be holding more StreetArt sessions, combined with digital art to see if we can come up with a great piece of work for the App.

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